Window Tinting Perth

Our services include:


● Car window tinting

● Mobile window tinting

● Office window tinting

● Residential window tinting

● Commercial window tinting

1. Quality

At Armour Glass Window Tinting, we follow a high level of professional work ethics to deliver the best services to all our clients. We always install the best and long-lasting window tinting products.

2. Convenience

Armour Glass Window Tinting offer professional mobile tinting services for all types of vehicles.  Our mobile window tinting team can come to you, anywhere in Perth, at no extra charge.

3. Warranty

All of our window tinting, whether its commercial, residential, or automotive, is covered by warranty.

Perth Window Tinting


Our company which was established in 2011 specializes in a number of mobile window tinting services. We do specialize in auto window tinting, residential window tinting to commercial window tinting services..

We have a team of experienced technicians who are also qualified to offer high quality tinting services. Our clients do get friendly, affordable and realistic services from our technicians. Our main aim is to make sure that all our clients get satisfactory services from us.
All our services are backed with reliable warranties. We are also compliant with Australian standards and regulations. Our services include the following among others:
– Recommended tinting for show cars.
– Safety tints.
– Graffiti proof films.
– Darkest tints legally allowed.
– Privacy tints.
Perth Window Tinting covers the whole of Perth and its suburbs and a full mobile window tinting service. We offer affordable services and free quotes for any of our window tinting services. Give us a call for a free consultation and we will come to you wherever you are.

Our Quality
Here at Perth Window Tinting we follow professional work ethics which enable us to deliver quality services to our clients. Our window tinting products are the best and are long lasting.
We offer very convenient services which include mobile tinting services. Our team is flexible enough and come to you wherever you are, at no extra fees.
All our window tinting services, whether residential, commercial or automotive are covered by strong and reliable warranty.
At Perth Window Tinting, we offer the following services:
– Office window tinting,
– Auto window tinting,
– Residential window tinting,
– Commercial window tinting.

1. Office Window Tinting
Office window tinting can no longer be considered to be a luxury. Tinting your office windows is more of a basic property investment in most commercial buildings. A good percentage of most office buildings have a lot of glasses which enable penetration of sunrays. This makes it necessary to have tinted films.

Benefits of Office Window Tinting
– Reduced energy costs – Fitting your office windows with a tint will save you a lot on heating and cooling costs. When sunrays stream in through your windows it increases the temperature inside. This will in turn require you to turn on your air conditioner increasing your energy bill. Add commercial window tinting to maintain temperatures inside to reduce costs on air conditioning.
– Protect furnishing – I know your office has a lot of valuable furnishing. The sun’s UV rays can damage your carpet and furniture. To have an appealing look in your office, you will need to replace your furnishing regularly. To avoid this, install a glass film and save a lot on replacing your furnishing regularly.
– Fresh image – No matter how amazing glass windows look, they attract dust and dirt which may translate into significant cleaning costs. Having a window tint makes the streaks and dirt less evident reducing the times you need to clean your windows.
– Reduced glare – Having tinting on your office windows reduces the glare and makes it more comfortable to work in your office. This also helps reduce distraction since employees do not have to keep on looking outside through the dark windows. This will in return increase their productivity.
– Physical appearance – A window tint can uplift the look of your building. It can make your office look sharp and welcoming. It can make your office also look comfortable and professional. Whether your office is large or small, a window tint is an important part in your office.

Professional Window Tinting in Perth
Since most of our offices are located in skyscrapers and high rise buildings, summer can mean too much sun in the office. If you haven’t tinted your windows, contact us at Perth Windows for professional and mobile services. We will give your office windows the tint they require leaving you stress free.

Hire Us for Commercial Tinting
This is a great idea. We have an experience in this profession and so you can relax after bringing us on board. Installing office window films is the most complicated in this line since a number of factors are put into consideration hence the need to hire a professional to do this for you.
Our services are affordable and we will give you manufacturers’ warranties. We also do fix arising problems at no extra cost.

2. Auto Window Tinting
We will make tinting your auto windows an easy experience for you. If you have the space, we will come and tint your vehicle’s windows at your doorstep at no extra cost.
Our products are from the world’s most reputable companies. This ensures that your cars’ window tinting lasts for longer. You will fall in love with our tint which will give your car a new fascinating look.
We only use the best quality when it comes to tinting your car windows. These are top notch brands that we use:
– Metamark,
– 3M,
– Lumar,
– Solar guard.
All the products above come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturers.

6 Reasons Why You Need Car Window Tinting From Perth Window Tinting
1. Privacy – Tinting your car windows hides the contents of your car which may prevent burglary. It also creates privacy.
2. Lower heat – A car window tint will cool the interior of your car even in the Australia’s hot summer.
3. Protection – our car tint will offer you protection against flying glass in case your car windows get shattered.
4. Longevity – Our car window tint will protect the interior of your car from the harmful UV rays. Our tints will offer 99.9% protection to your car’s upholstery from fading, cracking or changing color.
5. Appearance – Our car window tint will improve the appearance of your car and in most cases, increase the re-sale value of your car.
6. Convenience – We will come to your office or home to tint your car. The only thing we will need from you is ample parking space. The space we need should be large enough to have your car doors open and leave enough space to walk around your vehicle.

Steps We Will Take to Leave Your Car Looking Spectacular
– We will care for your car; we will treat your car with the utmost care.
– We are constantly trying new films to provide you with the best options available.
– We work using lent free towels leaving the tint clean.
– We use the shaved edge technique.
– We install a window underneath the third brake light giving you a one piece of professional window film.
Benefits of vehicle window tinting
1. Stay cool – This is an efficient way to cool your car by 60%. Car tinting enhances air conditioning in your car.
2. Protects the skin from harmful UV sun rays – Tinting your car’s window will protect your skin against harmful rays by blocking 99% of the sun’s rays. This greatly reduces the chance of getting skin cancer. It also protects the children you might be travelling with.
3. Protects the interior of your car — The sun may cause fading of your dashboard and other accessories. Give your car an enhanced and new look for longer.
4. Reduced glare — A majority of people wear sunglasses when driving in sunny days to reduce glare and increase comfort and safety. The most practical solution is to install car window tinting to enhance a safer driving experience and reduce glare.
5. Privacy – A car with tinted windows will increase your privacy since it’s hard to see through the insides of your vehicle.
6. Protection – A tinted window remains together even when broken which will protect you and other occupants inside your car from flying glass which may hit your eyes or face. Having your car fitted with tinted films protects you from the dangers posed by broken glass.
7. Security – Installing tinted windows in your car will reduce the chances of your car being broken into. This is because thieves may be discouraged from breaking into a place they can’t see through. Getting your car windows tinted is highly recommended to enhance your vehicle’s security. It’s assumed since thieves can’t see inside your car; they are less likely to steal.

3. Residential Window Tinting
New homes and commercial buildings must comply with the new energy efficiency requirements code in Australia. Applying specialized window tinting at home is the cheapest way to achieve this. The Sun Tek window films come in different shades, construction and colors. They range from nearly invisible to very dark, non reflective and reflective.
These properties give each window film a unique characteristic which is essential depending on the glass type they are fitted in.
Our experienced team will install window films professional giving your house an amazing look and functionality. The tint will also help reduce energy bills and enhance your house’s energy efficiency. We will work on any window type and design to improve its overall look and performance.

Benefits of Installing Window Tint At Your Home
1. Reduces energy costs – Tinting your home windows will block UV rays from getting in your house. This in turn will lower the cost of air conditioning. It will also help retain heat during the winter season. This will ensure that in both winter and summer, your home is comfortable enough.
2. Protection – A glass tint will protect your windows from being broken by the storm, accidents or break–ins. The right window film will hold your window glasses together making it hard to break.
3. Enhances security and privacy – You are assured of privacy and security when you install home window tinting since outsiders cannot pry into your house.
4. Reduce glare and control fading – Direct UV rays from the sun can damage upholstery by fading or cracking. These rays can also damage artwork, carpets and other valuables in the house. To protect your valuables from being damaged by UV rays, install window films at your home and this will save you money.
5. Improve appearance – Tinting your residential windows will enhance the appearance of your home. We provide you with modern and stylish window films which will give your home an elegant and stylish look.
6. Protects skin and eyes from direct UV rays — Our widow films will protect your skin and eyes and those of other occupants of your home from UV rays.
Here at Perth Window Tinting, we are committed in giving you the best residential window tinting solution at an affordable cost. All our installations are of high quality and come with a lifetime warranty. Call us today for professional residential window tinting services.
We also provide decorative window films for your bathrooms or any room where you would wish to install a decorative window film.
At Perth Window Tinting we focus on educating our clients so that you can make sound decisions when it comes to choosing window films for your home. This is why our appointments are inclusive of samples and experienced staff who will answer any queries that might be bothering you.
We have very flexible working hours, working from Monday to Saturday evenings from early morning to fit everyone’s working schedule even if you work till late in the day.

4. Commercial Window Tinting
Enhance any glazing system using Perth Window Tinting’s recommended window films. This will add comfort as glare will be reduced and it will give your building an appealing appearance.
We endorse the most durable window films manufactured in America. This helps us meet our requirements and our conditions in Australia.
Our General Overview
– We will definitely beat any quotation from any reputable organization.
– We will offer a natural elegant appearance with our many variables and shades.
– This is an industrial leading patent in pending technology.
– Boosts solar performance in its class.
– Gives a low reflective interior appearance.
– It offers fade and corrosion resistance in your new generation office.
– It is fast drying compared to other sputtered films available in the market.
– Provides greater longevity and advanced UV protection.
Our window films have a high return on investment which wills save your business money every quarter in energy costs.
The harsh Australian sun which penetrates through most window blinds causes inadequate air conditioning to compete with solar energy in the office.
FACT: Even if you shut your blinds, will not reduce the solar energy entering your office. It only reduces the light penetrating your office while cutting out the glare making your office gloomy and dull.
Our professional team will pay you a visit at your office for a free quotation and samples.

Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting
1. A commercial window tint is an eco-friendly way of reducing energy consumption.
2. We use the latest technology which reduces instances of vandalism in your commercial building safeguarding your premises.
3. This is a long lasting solution with advanced aesthetic appeal due to our wide variety of window film colors and shades.
4. Our window films offer greater protection from harmful UV sunrays and also protect buildings from natural disasters such as storms. It will also protect your interiors from fading and corrosion.
5. A commercial window tint also guarantees you privacy and security since outsiders cannot see inside your office while giving you a clear outside view.
6. Our specialized anti-graffiti window tinting solutions are easy to clean. They are also replaced easily compared to traditional windows.
7. It protects synthetic turf from burning caused by reflection on glass sliding doors or windows.
8. All our services come with a life time warranty.
Get in touch with us via our contact page on this website or give us a call for a free quote.

What Is a Window Film?
Like most people, I know you may be wondering what a window film is. A window film is made by alternating laminating adhesives with polyester polymer.
The polyester may be metalized, coated using an ultra-violet inhibitor, dyed or extruded depending on a specific type of tint. Using a metalized film gives a high performance, color and offers great capability for heat retention.

Can Glass Film Protect My Privacy?
Glass film can protect your privacy using the following:
– The use of reflective solar control films which can be used to prevent people from looking into your home by acting like a shielding mirror.
– You can gain privacy in your bathroom and bedroom or throughout your whole house by use of our privacy film or frosted film.
– You can also make use of decorative, frosted and opaque film to also create privacy in your office.
– Solar films can also be used to offer privacy while still making it possible for you to enjoy your view.

Can Window Tinting Be Used to Improve Security?
The answer is definitely a resounding yes. If the windows were to break and you have installed a safety glass film, the dangerous bands would be bound together. Window film is mostly available and is designed mainly to mitigate the dangers posed by tornados, accidental throws like a ball or earthquakes.

How Long Does A Glass Film Last?
The effective lifespan of a glass film relies mainly on the type of window film, direction aspect of the window which is tinted or window construction. Realistically speaking, you should be able to get approximately 15 or 20 years of service from tint which should give you peace of mind.

Is It Easy to Clean Glass Film?
Cleaning a window with glass film is as simple as cleaning one without a glass film. You don’t need any special products to clean a window film. What you will need is a standard window cleaner and a soft cloth.

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