Car Window Tinting

Armour Glass Window Tinting offer professional mobile tinting services for all types of vehicles.  Our mobile window tinting team can come to you, anywhere in Perth, at no extra charge. We only use the best quality window tinting products from premium brands such as Lumar, Metamark, 3M and Solar Guard. All of the products we use are backed with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Providing our clients with quality, affordable and reliable service makes us the ideal choice for all your car window tinting needs.

The Main Benefits of Car Window Tinting:

1. Stay cool – Tinted windows enhance air conditioning efficiency and make the car interior 60% cooler. Car window tinting is such an efficient way of reducing heat inside the car.

2. Protecting the skin from harmful UV rays of the sun – Car window tinting protects your skin by blocking up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays. This reduces the risks of skin cancer greatly and protects any child you may be travelling with.

3. Protect your car’s interior – Just like in UV protection, car window tinting keeps the car’s interior safe. The sun causes fading of dashboards and accessories and cracking of leather and soft services. Therefore, tinting car windows reduces these damages from the sun significantly, giving your car a new, enhanced and appealing look for longer.

4. Reduced Glare – Most people wear sunglasses when driving on a bright sunny day; this is to reduce glare and create a more comfortable, safer driving environment. The best option, in this case, would be installing car window tinting to reduce glare and enhance safe driving further.

5. Privacy – Tinted car windows enhance privacy by making it difficult to see through to the inside of the vehicle.

6. Shattered Window Protection – Pieces from broken windows are extremely dangerous and messy. Imagine an incident where the broken glass ends up in someone’s eyes or hits their face, an accident. Tinted car windows remain together even when broken, reducing their associated dangers.

7. Security – There is a lower chance of burglars breaking into a place they cannot see into clearly; this is why we secure our homes with house blinds for increased privacy. For the same reason, its recommended that car windows are tinted to enhance your vehicles security. Since thieves cannot see into your car, they are less likely to target it

Transform and give new life to your vehicle with Armour Glass Window Tinting’s car window tinting solutions that will improve your driving experience. Contact us now via phone or the contact page on this website for a free quote.