Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial window tinting is an affordable way that businesses can use to increase productivity. They also improve energy savings and comfort by reducing the sun’s heat and glare on computer screens. It also improves aesthetics and adds safety to your office or place of business. Armour Glass commercial window tinting solutions use the most durable films from the best quality manufacturers to ensure that we meet the requirements of Australian building codes.

The Main Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting.

1. We beat all genuine quotations from other tinting companies.
2. It is an eco-friendly way of reducing energy consumption and optimising the performance of air conditioning systems.
3. Our specialised window tinting solutions use the latest technology. They help minimise vandalism or break-ins into commercial buildings; this enhances safety.
4. Some options allow low reflective interior appearance.
5. Greater protection from UV rays and natural disasters such as storms, especially when using strong shatter-resistant films. It also offers resistance to fading and corrosion.
6. A long-lasting solution that comes with opportunities for an enhanced aesthetic appeal due to different window film shades and colours.
7. Commercial window tinting increases privacy, people cannot look into your office or business workplace but still gives you a clear outdoor view.
8. Commercial window tinting protects synthetic turf from burning due to reflection on the glass sliding windows or doors.
9. We have specialised anti-graffiti window tinting solutions that are easier to clean and replace compared to traditional glass windows.
10. Our services come with a 12 year warranty on the window film.

Most offices or commercial buildings have blinds that allow the sun to penetrate. Blinds do not stop the sun’s rays from entering into the building but only reduce the light entering, making the room appear gloomy and dull. Tinting the window is the most reliable option. We can come to your workplace, office or shop, evaluate your needs and provide a free quotation. We will advise and recommend the best tinting solutions for your office or commercial building.

Tinting the windows on your place of business will give you a high of return on investment by reducing your energy costs and saving your business money. Contact us now to know more about our affordable office window filming solutions.

If you’re interested in commercial window tinting solutions for your office, warehouse, or place of business, contact us now via phone or the contact page on this website for a free quote.