Residential Window Tinting

Armour Glass Window Tinting’s residential tinting solutions help protect your home. Window films and tints that are installed by our expert tinting professionals not only improves the windows look and functionality but also enhances energy efficiency, reducing energy costs in your home.

It is a requirement that all new residential and commercial buildings in Perth adhere to the new energy efficiency conditions and standards set in Australian building codes. Home window tinting is a cheap and cost- effective way of achieving these performance requirements and conditions.

Armour Glass Window Tinting provide tints of different shades, colours, and material designs which may be very dark, nearly invisible, reflective or non-reflective. These give every film or tint unique performance characteristics that affect how suitable it is to different glass types used in home windows.

Window tinting technologies have advanced greatly in the last 30 years. Armour Glass Window Tinting professionals can work on any window to improve its overall performance and appearance.

The Main Benefits of Window Tinting Your Home.

1. Lower energy costs – Home window tinting blocks the sun’s heat reducing the air conditioning costs. During winter, the interior heat is retained. This ensures comfort in both summer and winter as the air conditioning control system is efficient.

2. Protection – Glass windows can cause great harm when broken by storms, break-ins or accidents, applying the right window film holds the glass together which makes it difficult to break.

3. Increase home security and privacy- Window tints enhance the security of your home as people outside cannot see through the window.

4. Control fading and reduce glare – UV rays from the sun damages our home’s interior by making upholstery, fade and crack. They also discolour the carpet, artwork and timber flooring. Residential window tinting is the best way to protect your home from such damage.

5. Improve appearance – Tinting your homes windows will increase the value of your home by enhancing its appearance. Our window tinting is modern and stylish with up-to-date colours and different shades that give a superior optical clarity.

6. Protection from eye and skin damage due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.

We only use the best quality window film from manufacturers such as Lumar, Metamark, 3M and Solar Guard. Armour Glass are committed to providing the best quality window tinting at very competitive prices. We assure all our clients’ quality installation and product, and a lifetime warranty.

If you’re interested in residential window tinting solutions for your home, contact us now via phone or the contact page on this website for a free quote.